30 Mayıs 2014 Cuma

Connecting the Internet of Things - One Size Does Not Fit All

The Internet of Things (IoT) trend promises to connect the smallest of sensors, the broadest range of consumer electronics, to the largest of information delivery systems. As Internet connectivity has pushed its way down the complexity chain the price, performance, and bandwidth requirements for “internet connecting” these devices becomes a critical issue, as has the ever growing attack surface presented by the enormous number of unprotected and/or insecure devices. A common approach to advancing the proliferation of the Internet of Things is required. But the entire spectrum of devices must be considered, including security. Join us as we bring together a spectrum of Internet communications and security specialists as they describe requirements, approaches, and solutions for Internet-enabling a wide variety of embedded devices and systems.

Resource :  OpenSystems Media

Date : June 17, 2014
Time :2:00 PM EDT

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