28 Mayıs 2014 Çarşamba

Engineering the VPX high-speed data path for physical and signal integrity

The VPX open-systems standard is considered a key component in future generations of high-speed embedded computing (HPEC). What's key to VPX, however, is reliable interconnects that not only keep data flowing in environmental extremes in shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and contaminants. The demands on VPX high-reliability interconnects, however, don't stop there. Systems designers are demanding steadily increasing data speeds for leading-edge embedded computing, which means that data paths must be maintained at high levels of integrity.
TE Connectivity (TE), a leader in VPX interconnect systems, will outline the design issues and driving applications in engineering the entire VPX data path for physical integrity to signal integrity in this Webcast, including power budgeting for high-performance embedded computing while limiting component size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP).
TE experts will cover technologies and architecture trends in VPX interconnects, ranging from connector specifications to packaging practices

Resource :  Military & Aerospace Electronics 

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